Our mission is to find the best solution to enable you to live in a healthy and safe environment

Through the use of certified products, skilled labour and more than 40 years experience, we are sure that we can meet your requirements in the best way possible.

Founded following in the footsteps of Mr Trento, a metal-worker who specialized in ironwork and aluminum fixtures back in the fifties, Sicuso Infissi has been in business since 1980, originally as a sole proprietorship, then becoming a limited company in recent years.

The company is currently being run by the Sicuso family’s father and son.

The company specifically works in the production, assembly and installation of products, delivering throughout Italy and abroad.

From the very beginning, the company's aim has been to distinguish itself in the market through a quality product, constantly evolving based on customers’ needs and a management that works to take care of every single detail.

Our products combine functionality, practicality, safety, innovation and energy saving, without neglecting design.

We produce and sell all types of aluminum, aluminum-wood and PVC products.

 We are a Partner Company of the Posa Clima System, the best certified installation system for window and door frames in Italy, as well as the only one that issues a 10-year warranty for the installation to our customers.

With us you can really make a difference.

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