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Our mission is to find the best solution to enable you to live in a healthy and safe environment

We are a partner of the company Posa Clima which has certifications for its certified installations, a system for installing doors and windows according to UNI 11673 standard, which guarantees that the connection nodes have maximum thermal-acoustic insulation and a 10-year GUARANTEE!

Our thermal break aluminum windows are suitable for any type of application, apartments, private villas, businesses and offices.

This is why we chose aluminum and PVC, the ecologicals par excellence. A living and eternal material, precious and unique. That can be endlessly recycled and worked consuming little energy, without polluting, respecting the planet and all its forms of life. Choosing our products means contributing to an important aim: to reconcile industry and the environment in the new millennium, to pass on a healthy future to the following generations.

Clean air, energy saving and comfort with the Pure Air Posa Clima system

The normal human activity inside the house produces pollutants and increases the relative humidity of the air: to have comfort and live well, the air must be changed on a regular basis.

By replacing the old windows with more modern high-strength fixtures, the air is missing the natural exchange of air and alters the hygrostatic balance of the house.


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if you do not ventilate properly by opening windows several times a day, could be formed condensation on the walls and the subsequent formation of mold

Unfortunately, however, opening windows, especially in winter, creates discomfort, energy waste, dangerous air currents for children and the elderly and requires the use of time and energy that many would like to avoid.

PosaClima PureAir was born to solve these problems

The best solution is the Heat Recovery Controlled Ventilation (VMC). After two years of experimentation, the PosaClima Team has developed PureAir, a specific machine that reciprocates the air continuously, without disruption and without energy waste, allowing to solve the problems of mold and condensation without having to open the windows, which also means having a better soundproofing and to prevent someone from getting into the house easily. Airing with PureAir means saving money, having more comfort, more safety and an improvement in internal sanitary conditions. The machine has received the prestigious seal "VMC Qualità CasaClima", the first among the non-ducted wall machines, reflecting its performance qualities

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