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Compared to other materials, aluminum guarantees a particular lightness and elegance in design lines, in addition to flexibility of use and an excellent mechanical and anti-break in strength. Aluminum windows and facades require low maintenance and have a longer life cycle. Moreover, they ensure not only functional but also economic advantages leading to ever greater environmental sustainability, since the metal gives them numerous possibilities of reuse.

aluminum shutters

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Our shutters

They adapt to the shapes and styles of buildings, designed to last over time.

With a 50 mm profile they can be produced with a frame as well as anchored directly onto the wall. Available in the flat or rounded version in all Ral and wood effect colours.

Also available with shutter slats (fixed)

01- fixed slats

04- sliding

07- classic Ligurian persian shutter

10- Tuscan coplanar with wall frame

02 - pre-cut slats

05- adjustable slats with a wall frame

08- classic Ligurian shutter with door

11- Tuscan with overlap for historical areas

03 - overlap with pre-cut profile and 45° cut

06- adjustable slats without wall frame

09- Ligurian with wall frame

12- with frame cut at 90°

Alika adjustable roller shutter


Alika is an aluminum shutter with adjustable slats, able to slide inside standard guides and to wrap itself fully inside its box. In the closed position, Alika enables an orientation of the slats in order to gradually modify the transfer of light and air into rooms. Its movement is fluid and silent. With Alika you can always live with maximum comfort within your rooms, without sacrificing privacy. Alika is simple to use and affordable for everyone, it can be operated with the usual electric motors found on the market using wall positioned push-buttons or through the use of remote controls. Alika can be integrated into home automation systems, it contributes to energy saving and passive home security

Greater security

Alika is made of reinforced extruded aluminum profiles and stainless steel components. Thanks to its anti-lifting function, Alika also contributes to improving the passive security of a house.

In compliance with UNI EN 13659:

class 6 wind resistance

class 3 mechanical resistance

Gtot solar factor: class 4

Made in Italy

Alika is a certified "Made in Italy" product which guarantees high quality, functionality and protection for the end customer.

100% Ecological Product

We only use ecological raw materials. The exclusive Kikau process of oxidation and painting for aluminum has zero environmental impact, it is free of chromium and toxic substances. Alika is 100% recyclable


patented painting

10 year warranty

Thanks to the exclusive in-line oxidation and painting process, Kikau issues a 10-year guarantee certificate on filiform corrosion. The special treatment ensures the best resistance on aluminum in any environmental context, even in marine areas. All adjustable mechanisms are also covered by a 10-year warranty.


Aluminum decoration technology is very common today. Kikau used, perfected and improved it with the use of specially designed and tested paints, creating a series of unique finishes in terms of effect and quality. The Kikau decoration technology highlights every moulding and shape of its original profiles, giving the effect of inlaid wood with slots and edges that seem to be connected as though traditionally made with planes. Kikau has also developed an accurate selection of wood types to be combined with its range of aluminum shutters, succeeding in giving the finished product an exceptional surface opacity that, together with the depth of the hues and the knots in the wood, really makes the shutter similar to a piece of furniture made  in solid wood. The final result is very interesting, proposing a technologically advanced product in terms of functionality and resistance to weather conditions, but at the same time aesthetically precise in detail and able to adapt to different architectural styles.

Storika Shutter

The Storika series is linked to the aesthetic features of artisanal and decorative traditions in wood. Frames alternating with slots and shutters show a timeless and extremely characteristic aesthetic style. The Storika series can be made with open fixed slats, with adjustable overlapping and planar slats. Armoured shutters with open fixed slats and adjustable slats are also available in the Storika series.

Wall hung K90 shutters

Persian wall shutters enable doors to be installed without using the frame. The Storika wall hung series is a type of rustic shutter discreetly enhanced with rounded corners, frames, slots and shutters. On the wall shutters, only rustic hardware, hinges with wall hinges and espagnolette closures with external rods are used.

Armoured K80 Shutter

The technical and aesthetic features of K80 meet the requirements of functionality and aesthetics. Its simple and intuitive design has as its primary objective maximum architectural versatility, always able to suit and adapt to all styles.

Discreet lines and planar surfaces allow it to be used both in restorations and for new buildings.

The K80 series can be made with open fixed slats, with adjustable overlapping and planar slats.

Armoured types with open fixed slats and adjustable slats are also available in the K80 series.


We have various types of roller shutters available, including those in insulated aluminum, in extruded steel and the class 2 anti-slidable system of Novablock shutters.

Self-blocking extruded aluminum shutters

The NOVABLOCK self-locking roller shutter has many features that distinguish it from the common rolling shutters. Built in extruded aluminum and with an innovative micro-perforated structure, it is synonymous of great security against possible intrusions, useful for airing the rooms, practical to balance the right relationship between light and shadow, allows a wide view to the outside and protects from annoyance of mosquitoes and insects.

It can be installed very easily in villas, apartments and shops, avoiding the need for railings or other protection elements; no masonry work is necessary as the guides can be mounted inside the existing ones.

The roller shutter has an innovative system for blocking the lift from below with a particularly high tensile strength and therefore can not be lifted from the outside. When the intermediate batten rotates by pressing against the guides, the Novablock system blocks the roller shutter ensuring excellent security against typical intrusions at home or in stores.

The system increases considerably, up to 3 times the passage of natural light compared to a traditional shutter. The perforated structure ensures at the same time an attenuation of the violent light and effectively shielding the radiations generated by the sun.
The perforated slats allow you to have a wider view towards
the exterior of the home while safeguarding internal privacy.
The air filters inside for a 10% of the surface of the blind against the 2.8% of a classic shutter. The air circle therefore allows a continuous and pleasant ventilation in the environment.
The special structure of which the shutter is composed will allow you to replace or avoid the installation of shading blinds and mosquito nets against insects that tend to be able to sneak into homes.

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