aluminum windows with thermal break

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high thermal insulation
Materials: Aluminum + Polyamide
Compared to other materials, aluminum guarantees a particular lightness and elegance in design lines, in addition to flexibility of use and an excellent mechanical and anti-break in strength. Aluminum windows and facades require low maintenance and have a longer life cycle. Moreover, they ensure not only functional but also economic advantages leading to ever greater environmental sustainability, since the metal gives them numerous possibilities of reuse.

Hidden hinges

Elements that are normally visible, can be hidden in our windows. The hinges, for example, which thanks to special hidden technologies can be integrated into doors and windows, do not affect the aesthetic clean look of the window.

The same applies to burglar-proof systems that disappear from view, making them more difficult to detect and to break into. Our revolutionary concealed hinges system C.H.I.C. for doors and tilting doors allows us to create a new type of window, with a reduced front section profile and with the completely hidden hinges inside the profile.

• 180° opening

• maximum load of 100 kg

• standard microventilation (for tilting)

• 3D adjustment of the hinges including compression adjustment

Hidden hinges

Traditional hinges

  • Hidden hinges

  • Traditional hinges

Tec Wood

System for hinged doors in fine wood aluminum.

Thermal break with open joint and European Chamber

Maximum thermal-acoustic insulation


termic isolation for exaple windows: 1230 x 1480 mm : Uf 1,2 W/m2K

  • Frame depth:76 mm
  • Door depth:94 mm
  • Thermal break:33 mm
  • Maximum glazing: 52 mm
  • Maximum load on opening doors: 140 kg
  • Nominal Uf: 1.61 W/m²K
  • Sealing performance: 4 - E1050-C5


Tec 72

System for hinged fixtures in aluminum with thermal break with open joint and European Chamber


termic isolation for exaple windows: 1230 x 1480 mm : Uf 1,2 W/m2K

  • Frame depth:72 mm
  • Door depth:78 mm
  • Thermal break:33 mm
  • Maximum glazing:54 mm
  • Maximum load on opening doors:150 kg
  • Nominal Uf:2,09 W/m²K
  • Sealing performance:4 - E1050-C5

HT160S Lifting Sliding

 The best lifting sliding for aluminum doors with thermal break


  • Frame depth: 160 mm
  • Door depth:70 mm
  • Thermal break:30-32 mm
  • Maximum glazing:54 mm
  • Maximum load on opening doors:400 kg
  • Nominal Uf:2,7 W/m²K
  • Sealing performance:4 - E1050-C5

SL Sliding

Sliding window in aluminum with thermal break


  • Frame depth: 70 mm
  • Door depth:81 mm
  • Thermal break:26/42mm
  • Maximum glazing:32 mm
  • Maximum load on opening doors:200 kg
  • Nominal Uf:2,89 W/m²K
  • Sealing performance:4 - 9A-C

FX 50

Traditional curtain wall with mullions and transoms


  • Building type: semi-structural
  • transverse uprights depth: 101-107 mm
  • transverse uprights width:65mm
  • Thermal break:16mm
  • Maximum glazing:38 mm
  • Maximum load on opening doors:100 kg
  • Sealing performance:4 - r7-1600/2400 pa


The high quality of certified materials and profiles

We are proud of our certifications. Because they attest to the quality of work, the punctuality of research, the reliability of the installation.

There are real guarantees for our customers, offered by independent and international institutes and control bodies. Our aluminum extrusions are subjected to the product certifications guaranteed by the European Qualicoat (painting), Qualitherm (thermal insulation) and Seaside (resistance to marine environments) brands. The entire activity of the group is instead certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 for the management of company quality and UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 for environmental management. In the list below all the details of our certifications.
The thermal transmittance of the frames and the insulating characteristics of the glass
low emissivity from 24 to 46 mm thick with warm-edge channeling
they avoid heat loss and reduce noise pollution.
The robustness of the aluminum profiles makes the fixtures absolutely stable, especially in large dimensions.
In addition, aluminum has always exalted the refinement and design of the environment that surrounds it

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